About the Bars

BRUBAR Energy Bars are all-natural and vegan with a focus on a malty flavor with a smooth texture. We are able to focus on this malty flavor because, unlike other energy bars, our main ingredient is barley malt. Because barley malt is not as sweet as other sugars, we can add a lot of it without making the bar too sweet. This gives the bar a smooth taste and a moist texture. The recipe was kept simple, with only a handful of natural ingredients that contribute to the overall flavor and function of a BRUBAR Energy Bar. Read more about our ingredients and nutrition facts on our Nutrition page.

In addition to a unique taste, the moistness in a BRUBAR Energy Bar also has two practical advantages. Athletes find that they can eat the bar more easily during physical activity and winter athletes like the fact that the bar will stay soft in cold weather. Read more about what people are saying about BRUBAR Energy Bars on our Testimonials page.