After living in big cities all our lives, my wife & I moved to the small town of Davis, California. Davis is primarily a university town and is also in the middle of California farmland. The proximity to such amazing locally-grown foods and ingredients allows for ample opportunity to create one's own recipes. We have friends that make their own cheese, bread, chutney, etc., and it was only a matter of time before this path led me to making my own homebrew. I joined a group of homebrewers and learned a great deal as to the art and science of the brewing process.

Every new food product has a story and its seems every energy bar company has an epiphany moment. My moment came while eating an energy bar on a drive to purchase homebrewing supplies. I realized that the flavors of energy bars are sometimes close to the flavors of beer (coconut porter, chocolate oatmeal stout) and I wanted to bridge the gap by putting beer flavors in an energy bar. It reminded me of the story of Frank Mars, the founder of the famous Mars candy bar company, who wanted a portable way to carry a chocolate malt.

Combining natural ingredients that were sourced locally (most via the Davis Farmers Market), the experiment was going well until it was time to attempt the infusion of hops into the energy bar. Hops are the flowers from hopvines and are used in the brewing process to add bitterness, flavor and aroma. Although hops are essential for brewing, I learned from the early fans of the bar that it would be better to leave out the hops. So the "beer" bar was aborted but an amazingly malty energy bar survived. We still use the natural sweetener that is extracted from the barley grain just like in brewing. But we skip the fermentation process. This allows BRUBAR Energy Bar to have a rich, smooth taste that is not overly sweet and truly is an original!

- Christian D'Souza, Founder