Food, Fun, Function

We believe that energy bars should first be delicious food. There are so many choices when it comes to energy bars and so many bars target very specific needs. But sometimes the idea of creating a new niche leaves out the most important aspect: taste. We only use natural ingredients and we don't add any refined sugars. We want you to know that you're eating real food when you eat a BRUBAR energy bar and we want you to love how they taste!


We believe that life is to be enjoyed to fullest and we want BRUBAR energy bars to accompany you along the way no matter where your path takes you. Take them on a run, up mountains, or on the water. And send us some pictures - We love to see people enjoying their BRUBAR energy bars!


We believe an energy bar should do what it says: provide you with energy. Some people like to joke about the term "energy bar" because it only means that it contains calories. But we believe that there is a difference in the quality of energy that one can choose from the foods that we eat. That's why our bars are made with natural providers of energy so that you can feel good about what you eating as well as get your energy boost. Click here to view nutrition information