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These bars are absolutely delicious, filling, and they're even good for you! They're a great snack to grab before a workout. And even though they're vegan, they boast very rich complex flavors. Also, I love that they're full of wholesome ingredients including healthy fat from nuts. I can't wait for more great new flavors.

Gabrielle Jimenez Tabor
Spanish teacher and yogini, Davis, CA

With just a handful of ingredients, expertly balanced to deliver a perfect, malty flavor experience, Brubars are absolutely the best tasting energy bars I've ever tried! The great thing about digging into a Brubar is getting that boost from eating something so delicious, then riding out enough slow release calories from malt and whole ingredients to get you there, but not weigh you down, even on the wildest of days. Right on!

Andy Gray
Davis, CA

I never really liked "energy bars", that was until I tried BRUBAR! All the other bars i've tried were either to dry or the taste was awful. When I tried a BruBar for the first time, I was hooked. They are delicious, and my kids even love them!! They are an essential in our house now! If you haven't tried them, TRY THEM. :)

Nicole Harklerode
Seattle, WA

Brubars....absolutely my favorite. I think I have gone through 6 boxes in the last 2 months. They are great for MTB and Road but now I use them for skiing as they don't harden up like some others. I love the taste and texture...hands down, the best bar around....

Alan Walls
Sacramento, CA

As a cyclist, I can spend my whole day eating out of my jersey pockets, and Brubar lets me look forward to those "feeding" moments of my ride. This is truly the best-tasting energy bar I've ever had, and it's now part of my training regiment first and foremost because of the taste. This is true of very few sports nutrition products ...out there; most other bars make you grimmace, choke down the bar, and then reach for your water as a chaser.
For me, it's also reassuring fact that the Brubar ingredient list is simple and wholesome, and that this great nutritional value translates into more watts moving me forward. Thanks, Brubar.

Cliff Smoot
San Francisco, CA

Brubars are tasty and go down well. I have tried many other bars, and they were all either dry, foul tasting or "take one bite and throw away." I was very happy with the taste and thought put into these bars. Can't wait for more flavors..thanks

Frank Osorio
Literacy/Math Coach to teachers/LAUSD, Granada Hills Ca

Like many people, I have tasted my share of bad tasting, healthy energy bars. I was lucky enough to get some Brubars for free as one of the prizes for landing on the podium at the 4th of July Crit in Davis. Normally, I would have given them away or eventually thrown them in the trash since I am rarely a fan of sports bars, especially healthy ones. However, when I was at the race they had a booth where they were doing tasters and one of their friendly representatives talked me into coming over for a taste test. I was starving after the race so I decided to take one. (Actually, I tasted the whole line up)
It was quite good, but I thought it must have been because I was so hungry. A few days later I was wanting a snack (off the bike) and figured I would take a few bites of the Original Malt bar (my favorite) to see if I still liked it. It still tasted great. Then the big test was on the bike. During a hard ride, when I normally have a hard time eating, especially a sports bar, I pulled it out and took a bite. It went down easier than any solid sports bar I have ever had. In fact, I ate the entire bar quickly and I still swear I couldn't have eaten the whole thing because it went down so easily. I have eaten several since and I am not getting tired of them, which is common with other bars.
Needless to say I have been pushing my local bike shop to carry the Brubar. Kudos on making a great product!

Kayden Kelly
Roseville, CA

Hey, have you tried a Brubars Energy Bar, they are great, good and I feel better. I order mine on line and they arrived in great shape. By the way these bars are not just for the young and the sports minded. They are great of old folks like me. Eat them Regular and you will be regular.

Walter G. Crossley
Rodeo, California

Love love love Brubars! So tasty and healthy. I wish I had one right now....

Liz Fudacz
Seattle, WA

Great tasting and a lot better than other bars I have tried in the past. Good job, guys! I appreciate the simplicity of ingredients. (No mysterious things on the list with names that include numbers etc !)

Mark Buchholtz
Rocket scientist, man about town, inventor., Sacramento myspace.com/counterintelligencejazz